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Important announcement regarding Flood Insurance

We received a very lucky break concerning our flood insurance which had been budgeted in the amount of $190,658, our insurance agent recently informed us that new flood maps were being drawn and we should be able to get reclassified into a lower flood category. The new maps have been released and most of our buildings have already been reclassified. According to our insurance agent worst case scenario is the bldgs. in the front, facing the bay, may stay in their current classification but there is a great possibility that all bldgs. could be moved into the lowest category so we should be able to get the completed flood policy review in time to be presented at the annual meeting on July 20th. As a result, the board voted at June 10 meeting to increase the flood coverage from the current 80% to the maximum available for all buildings and, in addition, lowering the deductibles to $2,500 each.

Owners who have been forced by their mortgage companies to take out any additional flood policy coverage will no longer be required to do so. If you are still paying for additional flood insurance, please contact our insurance agency Willis Towers Watson (see contact info below), Lindsay will help you to get your additional coverage cancelled and will submit all needed paperwork to your mortgage company.

Lindsay Baker, CISR, CMIP
Client Manager
D +1 251 544 0230

Gator Watch

The Association detention pond has a new visitor! A small, 2 ½ foot alligator has been spotted. The Alabama Fish & Wildlife Service Game Warden came to observe the gator and informed us that the service only removes alligators that are at least 4 foot long. Further, the Warden informed us that the small gator is basically not a threat to residents.

However, residents are advised to: 1) NOT approach the gator if it is on the grounds or near shore and 2) NOT to feed the gator.

There are “alligator beware” signs on the pavilion, pond fishing pier, and the bay pier. Please do not allow small children or dogs to walk around the pond without adult supervision. Otherwise, enjoy the wildlife environment we are blessed to live in daily!

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Posted: May 16, 2019

FY 2019 Budget and Dues

New Dues take effect October 1, 2018.  Be sure to double check the amount of your payment on your invoice, and/or make arrangements with your financial institution if you do automatic payments.

Click the link below to go to the Owner's page, the 2019 Budget and Dues links are at the top of the page.

Bee Traps for Sale!

These traps catch and kill those pesky carpenter bees, guaranteed, and only $20!  If interested, contact:

Lorraine: 251-455-3475 royalcleaning58@yahoo.com


PO Box 2592
Gulf Shores AL  36547